Hello! My name is Omnec Onec. | Hallo! Mein Name ist Omnec Onec

“May the Universal Love and Blessings Be” | “Mögen universelle Liebe und Segnungen sein”.



Neues Buch: Einfach Weisheit und Liebe - Venusische Spiritualität

Die Vorstellungskraft ist der Schlüssel zum Erschaffen zum Wirklichkeit. (Omnec Onec)
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New Book ||Simply Wisdom and Love - Venusian Spirituality||

This new book contains transcripts of lectures and public appearances plus unpublished material by Omnec. It serves as a focus of light and helps raise our consciousness.

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My Mission | Meine Mission

It is my mission to share my knowledge and perspective with you and to inform you about the currently ongoing Transformation Process of the Earth. | Es ist meine Mission, mein Wissen und meine Sichtweise mit euch zu teilen und euch über den aktuell laufenden Transformationsprozeß der Erde zu informieren.

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Your great heritage | Euer großartiges Erbe

Long time ago, your ancestors came from different planets with wonderful abilities intact. Your heritage is much greater than you were told. | Vor sehr langer Zeit kamen eure Vorfahren von verschiedenen Galaxien. Ihre Fähigkeiten waren noch voll intakt. Euer Erbe ist viel größer, als euch gesagt wurde.

DVD Lecture | DVD Vortrag

Omnec Onec 1 minute intro-video with Venusian Greeting

Amual Abaktu Baraka Bashad

What people say about Omnec Onec

“I believe her, she has not changed her story ever since she began.” Barnes

“Hello dear Omnec! Nice to know about you and your beautiful teachings. I am sending you much love from Australia and I am wishing you all the best and much wellness. LOVE IS so very IMPORTANT on every planet, the more love the better… and I hope the love vibration grows and grows. BEST  REGARDS + BLESSINGS.” Lorraine

“Dear Omnec, we came from Munich to see you and were so happy that Anja brought you here from America. For you it was a very long journey to see us for the first time. We thank you and Anja for this wonderful evening which we will never forget. We learned so much. Your messages we keep deep in our heart. They`ll guide us the rest of our life. Thank you. Hope we`ll see you again soon. We wish you a very good time. Let your light shine.
We hug you and send kisses. We love you! God bless you!”

Mario and Rosemarie

“Hi Omnec, I just want to send a message of loving energy to you. I saw an earlier video of a workshop you gave in Germany and I needed to look into your eyes to acknowledge a universal loving beingness. When your eyes met mine, my soul was stirred to be the greater consciousness in each moment. Thank you for your inspired encouragement to evolve as our creator intends. Perhaps you come to Phoenix or Tucson some time so I can meet you. Love you.” Jim